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  • Welcome Taizhou Xinghong Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.!




    The company specializes in producing tons of bags, VCI ton bag and aluminum foil tons bags.



    1More than 2 million production in the year of strong production

    After many years of struggle and development, Xing Hong has now become a large-scale enterprise in Jiangsu. Annual production of more than 2 million kinds of containerized bags, annual sales of more than 8000 yuan.

    2Good quality of products with complete specifications

    The main business of the company: conductive ton bag, VCI ton bag, aluminum foil ton bag, leakproof ton bag, inner bag, breathable ton bag, no harm ton bag, and other kinds of industrial tons bag.

    3Advanced testing equipment for technical equipment

    The company has strong technical force, advanced complete set of processing and testing equipment strict quality system (through ISO9001:2008 certification and UN dangerous package certification) and perfect scientific management.

    4"Pragmatic, honest, pioneering and innovative" is our spirit of enterprise.

    With the spirit of "pragmatism, honesty, pioneering and innovation", with excellent quality and good service, the company has been recognized by customers at home and abroad and has a high reputation.


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